Fermented protein feed (for pigs and poultry)

Raw material ingredients:

Corn germ meal, corn husk, corn protein powder, lactobacillus acidophilus

Product No.
Product Standard No.
  • 1、 Improves the palatability of feed and promotes the increase of feed intake.
  • 2、 Balances the nutrients, promotes protein and carbohydrate metabolism, and improves the growth uniformity of piglets.
  • 3、 Reduces pathogenic bacteria and toxins, prevents intestinal villi from shrinking, quickly repairs the intestinal tract and maintains intestinal health.
  • 4、 Promotes the secretion of intestinal digestive enzymes, reduces anti-nutritional factors, and improves the digestion and absorption of nutrients.
  • 5、 Effectively activates the immune system, and enhances stress and disease resistance.
  • 6、 Improves the production performance of all stages of feeding, reduces the feed-to-meat ratio, improves the utilization rate, and reduces the breeding time.
  • 7、 Regulates the gut microbiota and gastrointestinal environment and reduces diarrhea in piglets and constipation in sows.
  • 8、 Promotes the absorption of vitamins and trace elements, maintains the health of sows' limbs and hooves, increases milk production, and improves the weaning litter weight.
  • 9、 Grows strong bones and muscles in sows, increases litter yield and shortens the delivery time.
  • 10、 Improves the taste and flavor of meat, and improves the quality of meat.
  • 11、 Decomposes harmful substances in feces, reduces fecal emissions, and improves the environment of the barn.