Corporate Culture
Our Mission
"Benefit the World, Achieve Success Together"
Benefit the World

Convinced that "benefting the world is the ultimate form of benefit,XMXY considers that the foundation for building the corporation is to fulfl its responsibility foisocio-economic development and to contribute to socio-eonomic development Therefore, XMXYGs strategies are aimed at serving and supporting the development ofthe nation, the region and the industry and at sustaining proftability by adhering to the highest standards of professionalism.

Achieve Success Together

Throuch industrial chains and vale chains,XMXY connects customers emplovees and shareholders to socety By buiding a symbiotkc and win-win value cosystemXMXYG helps stakeholders achieve value creation while realizing its own value

XMXYG Biochemical coexists and co-prospers with the society, takes integrity and responsibility as the foundation of its business, engages and commits to:

  • Customer confidence
  • Shareholder satisfaction
  • Employee pride
  • Social respect
We adhere to common core values
oriented in value creation

We will consistently adhere to the guidance of value demand and the fundamental principle of value creation, through sustained and unremitting efforts to increase value for customers, to make employees realize their values, create value for the enterprise, and contribute to the society.

Every business sector and every employee of XMXYG CORP. should become a value developer and value creator. Completing one's own work is the basic requirement of value creation, and outstanding contributors are the role model of value creation.

We jointly adhere to
XMXYG's "Five Principles" of operations
We jointly abide by
XMXYG's“Five-Star Behaviors”
The Road of Knowing-Harmony-Doing
The one who knows is wise, the one
who harmonizes is prosperous, and the one
who keeps walking can walk far away

This is the way of practice of XMXYG culture in XMXYG Biochemical, the way of survival and development of XMXYG Biochemical, and the way of common perseverance of XMXYG Biochemical people. It tells each of our XMXYG Biochemical people that we will never stop learning, that we are united in solidarity, that we are interdependent, and that we are marching together towards a better future. ......

Together we have established
four management consciousnesses