Win-Win Cooperation
  • Industrial Collaboration

    XMXYG Biochemical has three industrial parks which are respectively in Fujin, Bei'an and Suihua, and has built an innovative and leading model of "one chain + one park" for the operation of the whole industrial chain. The company prioritizes the introduction of bio-fermentation, bio-synthesis and new material enterprises with starch milk, starch sugar and by-products as raw materials, selects projects for recycling production waste, and strives to introduce production supporting projects such as the production of enzyme preparations and packaging materials. It conducts in-depth cooperation in the whole industrial chain with the enterprises settled in the industrial park, and collaborates with related enterprises in the park in product research and development, raw material supply, production and operation, logistics and transportation, and marketing, to jointly resist risks and achieve mutual benefits and win-win situation.

  • Raw and auxiliary material requirements

    Coal, Packaging, Liquid Ammonia, Yeast, Liquid Soda, Sulfuric Acid, Hydrochloric Acid, Molasses, Enzyme Preparation, Activated Carbon.

  • Other sales

    Waste liquid plate and frame, filter cake, plate and frame sugar residue, rotary drum sugar residue, ammonium sulfate, threonine secondary mother liquor, floor powder, corn syrup, starch ash, waste activated carbon.

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