Driven by Mission (Responsibility Model)
We have put forward the future-oriented “driven by mission” model to promote social responsibility, establishing a model for the promotion of our corporate social responsibility in the years ahead, and defining the direction of development.

The “morning sail” of XMXYG continues to brave the wind and waves, heading into the distance on its journey to sustainable development. The “driven by mission” model for the promotion of social responsibility is composed of four parts: responsibility mission, responsibility path, responsibility practice and responsibility management. Through the alignment and implementation of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals 2030 (SDGs), we have incorporated the 10 identified key sustainable development goals into the course of action, steadily enhancing our comprehensive capacity to create value in economic, environmental and social spheres.

XMXYG 2022

Social Responsibility Report

XMXYG 2021

Social Responsibility Report

XMXYG 2016-2020

Social Responsibility Report

Spring Rain Foundation
The Spring Rain Foundation of XMXYG, was established in 2004 with donations from XMXYG employees. On November 28th every year, XMXYG employees voluntarily donate one day's salary to the Spring Rain Foundation.

Adhering to the service tenet of “basking in the sunshine and sharing the warmth of XMXYG”, the Foundation offers financial aid and assistance to XMXYG employees in need, as well as to disadvantaged social groups like out-of-school children and poverty-stricken students, testifying to XMXYG's compassion as a corporate citizen. Since its inception, the Foundation has donated more than RMB 1 million to over 100 XMXYG employees and their immediate family members who have suffered from major diseases or accidental injuries.

In recent years, the Spring Rain Foundation Council has continuously enhanced its management practices and Articles of Association. The Council meets regularly to review and improve the Foundation's existing regulations, optimize examination and approval procedures, and expand the scope and intensity of assistance. The Foundation's assistance programs have been recognized by all sectors of society, including XMXYG employees, Fujian Charity Federation, Xiamen Red Cross and business partners. The Foundation has won the “Fujian Red Cross Humanitarianism Bronze Medal” and honored as the “Outstanding Organization of Xiamen Red Cross for Humanitarian Dedication”.